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Snow Removal and Salting


Johnson Lawn and Landscape 615-599-4677

Snow removal and salting efforts begin with 29 priority streets, after which the contractor will service the remaining streets.

All streets in Forest Hills except Granny White Pike, Harding Place, Hillsboro Pike, and Old Hickory Boulevard are maintained and paid for by the City of Forest Hills. No Metro money is provided to defray these costs.

Snow removal priority list

  1. Balbade Drive, Park Ridge, Chateau
  2. Crater Hill Drive, Chickering Park, Ridgewood
  3. Tyne Boulevard, Stuart Glen, Fredericksburg and Laurel Ridge, Robert E. Lee between Tyne and Otter Creek
  4. Cromwell Drive
  5. Kingsbury Drive
  6. Chickering Lane
  7. Otter Creek Road
  8. Hound’s Run Subdivision, Beddington Park from Granny White Pike, Estbury, Oakleigh Hill, Edenbridge Way from Otter Creek Road
  9. Stanford: North, South, and Court
  10. Taggartwood Drive, Cliftee Drive
  11. Mary Helen Drive
  12. McGrace Lane
  13. Toddington Drive
  14. Twinmont Court