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Street Paving

Street Paving

All streets in Forest Hills except Granny White Pike, Harding Place, Hillsboro Pike, and Old Hickory Boulevard are maintained and paid for by the City of Forest Hills. No Metro money is provided to defray these costs.

In order to manage the maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation of the streets maintained by the City, the Board of Commissioners implemented a Long Range Paving Schedule in 2010. All streets have been inventoried and their paving conditions evaluated to develop a prioritized list for street maintenance, rehabilitation, and paving. The condition of all streets in Forest Hills is assessed annually.

The approximately 40 miles of streets are divided into three groups. Otter Creek Road, Robert E. Lee Drive, and Tyne Boulevard are designated as Urban Collectors. Other streets such as Kingsbury, Cromwell, and Chickering function as Local Collectors, while the remaining function as Local Streets.

Paving Since 1996

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