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Review the map and find your area. Contact City Hall at 615-372-8677 to find out who your captain is, to send your contact information on to your captain, or to volunteer to be a captain!

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Report physical conditions such as abandoned cars or overgrown vacant lots that can contribute to crime using by calling City Hall at 615-372-8677.

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Who's that knocking at my door?

When our police officer liaisons came to the City to speak with citizens back in October, they offered some great answering-the-door advice. They reminded us that we are never obligated to open our doors, and that it IS better to let the person know you are home by saying something like, "No thanks, not interested" through your locked door.

This lets them know you are home, and generally creates a disincentive for trying to break in. If you have a difficult time with them continuing to ask to open the door, tell them (still through the locked door) that you are calling the police.

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