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Recycling Clean Out Day


The City of Forest Hills sponsors Recycling Clean Out Day each spring and fall. Since the first Clean Out in 2012, residents have recycled over fifty tons of material.

Please follow all instructions

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Computers, monitors, DVD players, electronics, broken small appliances, stereos

ACCEPTED: Working/non-working computers, printers, copiers, faxes, scanners, phone systems, servers, calculators, stereos, speakers, cameras, gaming consoles, PDAs, cell phones, electronics, accessories and parts including cables, mouse, keyboards, software, modems, tape drives, disk drives, laptop batteries, adapters, docking stations, credit card readers, DVDs, tapes, diskettes

Working and non-working monitors and televisions, CRT and flat-screen

Non-working small appliances (typically countertop units or smaller) including microwaves, coffee makers, food processors, vacuums



All types of dry-cell and vehicle batteries

ACCEPTED: All types of dry-cell batteries, disposable and rechargeable: AAA to D, 9-volt, button, power tool, laptop, cell phone, camera batteries. Carbon Zinc, Nickel-Cadmium (NiCad), Lithium, Lithium-ion (Li-ion), Mercury, Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), Zinc Air, Silver Oxide, Lead-acid, hard-case batteries: Car, truck, motorcycle, boat, mower, RV, ATV, etc.

Tape all positive contacts on all non-alkaline batteries as required by law to prevent fire during transportation. Place in a sealed one-gallon Ziploc bag.



All bulb types, no broken items

ACCEPTED: Place compact fluorescent, LED, incandescent, and other residential lamps in a one-gallon Ziploc bag.

For fluorescent tubes, bring in original packaging or bind tubes together in bundles of four with a rubber band at each end.

Broken or crushed items will not be accepted. Discard broken lamps. Follow EPA guidelines



Clothing, household items, furniture, books, appliances, linens, shoes, jewelry, accessories

ACCEPTED: Gently used clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes/boots, housewares, appliances, antiques, furniture, paintings, linens, books, musical instruments, tools, seasonal items, clean items for rags divided into a separate bag, etc. Full list

GUIDELINES: Items that are in clean, good working order are most beneficial for Goodwill donation programs. Goodwill is unable to repair broken items.



Wire hangers, packing peanuts, wood pallets

ACCEPTED: Packing peanuts only; no molded Styrofoam. Bag any color or type of packing peanuts with no other items; tie bag tight.

Wire, dry-cleaner-style hangers only in bunches of 24 tied at the hook with rubber band or twine.

48 x 40 unbroken pallets are accepted.

bulk items


Large appliances, tires, mattresses, box springs

ACCEPTED: All large appliances including washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves.

Automobile and motorcycle tires.

Mattresses and box springs.

scrap metal


Anything metal

ACCEPTED: Tools, bikes, lawnmowers, auto parts, grills, exercise equipment, non-working small and large appliances with a cord. All items must be at least 80% metal to be recycled as scrap metal.



Over-the-counter and prescription drugs

Metro Police Department will be onsite to collect prescription drugs for proper disposal. Medications can be mixed together. Please cross out name and address if you choose to leave it in the original packaging.

ACCEPTED: Prescription medications; all over-the-counter medications; pet medications; medicated ointment, lotions, or drops; liquid medications in leak-proof containers; inhalers; pills in any packaging, including glass, plastic containers, plastic bags, glass, foil

NOT ACCEPTED: Illegal drugs and narcotics, needles/sharps or syringes with needles, blood sugar equipment, thermometers, IV bags, bloody or infectious waste, personal care products (lotions, shampoos, etc.)



Document shredding and recycling

Documents are shredded onsite then taken for recycling. Bring documents such as credit card statements, old checks, tax returns, and anything that could be used to steal your identity if it fell into the wrong hands.

ACCEPTED: Paper and photos in an untied garbage bag or open box

NOT ACCEPTED: Binders, newspaper, hardback books



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