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Chipper Service and Leaf Pickup

Chipper Service

The City of Forest Hills provides free chipping service and leaf pickup on a monthly basis by The Parke Company.

This service is provided free to residents of Forest Hills for normal yard maintenance. It is not designed to assist with clearing properties of trees, shrubs, or trash.

If you hire a professional to trim or take down trees, then that provider is responsible for removing all the debris generated. Please make those arrangements when you hire a tree service.

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BrushBagged Leaves

How to Prepare Limbs and Leaves

A few restrictions are necessary to give the contractor enough time to cover the City each month.


Weeks 1 and 2

Alcott, Arco, Ash Valley, Balbade, Beauregard, Beekman, Carlton, Chateau, Chickering Park, Crater Hill, Dresden, Everett, Foxwood, Fredericksburg, Granny White north of Otter Creek, Harding Place, Hemingway, Hillcott, Hillsboro north of Tyne, Laurel Ridge, Lynmont, Lynnwood, Maplemere, Mary Helen, McGrace, Merrimac, Otter Valley, Priest, R.E. Lee Court, R.E. Lee Drive, Ridgewood, Roselawn, Saxon, Skymont, Stanford, Still Hollow, Stuart Glen, Sunset Hill Terrace, Tara, Timothy, Toddington, Tyne, Twinmont, Tynewood, Vintage, Wayland, Yancey

Weeks 3 and 4

Andover, Ashland, Beddington, Bridleway Trail, Carl Seyfert, Cherry Blossom, Chickering Court, Chickering Lane, Chickering Road, Cliftee, Confederate, Cromwell, Earlington, Edenbridge, Gardendale, General Forrest, Goldstone, Granny White south of Otter Creek, Havering Chase, Hickory Springs, Hillsboro south of Tyne, Jefferson Davis, Kenwood, Kingsbury, Litchfield Way, Melbourne, Montcrest, Norton, Old Hickory, Otter Creek, Page, Piccadilly Place, Pinehurst, Sherwood, Stonehaven, Stonehurst, St. James Place, Taggartwood, Timberwood Drive, Timberwood Place

NOTE: The City cannot provide the specific day collection will take place in your neighborhood.

Recycle Leaves

Another option: Recycle your leaves

To nourish your lawn and garden, try mulching and composting. Running leaves through a shredder or mulching mower provides excellent all-purpose mulch that can be used immediately. A two- to three-inch layer of leaves provides good weed control. Shredded leaves will decompose fairly quickly. Whole leaves can also be used. An easy alternative is to compost leaves. Leaf compost is an excellent soil amendment, adding valuable nutrients to the soil. You can build a compost pile or even use a plastic trash bag.

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