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Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners is an administrative body charged with setting policy for the City of Forest Hills by enacting ordinances. The Board consists of three Commissioners, who are elected at large. Members serve in four-year, staggered terms. At the first regular meeting after each biennial election, the Board elects one of its members to serve a two-year term as Mayor and one member to serve as Vice Mayor. Meetings

Mayor John C. Lovell

Mayor John C. Lovell

615-371-1716 •

John C. Lovell was elected Mayor in 2014 after 20 years as Vice Mayor. A Forest Hills resident for three decades, he is president of J.T. Lovell Company, a promotional products distributor. His term expires in 2018.


DEC 2017 THE YEAR 2017, as with most years, has had its share of changes and challenges:

Personnel: In March our City Manager of four years left to accept a position with Metro Water Services. Replacing someone with experience and institutional knowledge is always a challenge, but the City was fortunate to fill the vacancy by May 1 with the hiring of Amanda Rhinehart.

Amanda brought with her four years of experience as planning and development director for Shelbyville and has already applied that experience to improve our zoning ordinances and enforcement.


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Vice Mayor Lanson Hyde III

Vice Mayor
Lanson Hyde III

615-714-9699 •

Lanson Hyde III joined the Board in 2011, was reelected in 2012 and named Vice Mayor in 2014. A City resident for over 20 years, he is COO of Surgical Development Partners. His term expires in 2016.


Update on Bethel commercial building

You may have noticed the construction on the Bethel World Outreach Church campus at the intersection of Granny White Pike and Old Hickory Boulevard. The Church applied for and received the permits for an expansion of its main facility.

What you may not have known is that on March 25, the City of Forest Hills became aware that Bethel had requested an additional special permit to build a three-story, 36,000 square foot office building on the Granny White side of their campus right across from Forest Hills residents’ homes and 45 feet off the property line of Dorset Park.


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Commissioner Henry A. Trost

Henry A. Trost

615-504-0293 •

Henry A. Trost was elected Commissioner in 2014. Trost is with Cushman & Wakefield and has lived in Forest Hills since 2008. His term expires in 2018.


City seeks to improve Richland water quality

The hills of our City hold the distinction of being part of the headwaters of five different streams that flow though the greater Nashville area: Richland Creek, Chickering Branch, Belle Meade Branch, Sugartree Creek, and West Fork of Browns Creek. Additionally, our hills feed two other streams flowing through our borders: Otter Creek, and another unnamed tributary to the Little Harpeth River. All of these waterways, like all streams around Nashville, are part of the Cumberland River watershed.


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Staff Members

Amanda Deaton-Moyer

City Manager Amanda Rhinehart


Amanda Rhinehart has been City Manager since May 2017. She's formerly the head of planning and community development in Shelbyville. She holds a B.S. degree in public affairs and a master's degree in public administration.


Parking restrictions ensure safety

DEC 2017 As 2017 comes to a close, we would like to take the opportunity to offer a few guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety during festivities.

Parking. With holidays coming up, remember that our parking policy applies to residents as well as contractors/service personnel. Emergency vehicles must be able to navigate through our streets.

Parking or stopping on City roads, streets, or rights-of-way is prohibited in these cases:


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City Assistant Jamie Dupré

City Assistant
Jamie Dupré

615-372-8680 fax

City Judge Brooks R. Smith

City Attorney Chad White 615-244-2770

City Engineer Brad Bivens 615-383-8420

City Inspector Bill Burdette 615-372-8677

Planning Commission

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is appointed to create and update the City's comprehensive plan and to regulate land use with zoning codes. Meetings


Winston Evans 615-259-4685

George David Waller III 615-373-2360
Vice Chair

Brian Dougherty 615-661-9740

James C. Gardner III 615-665-0936

Em Ghianni 615-373-1359

Clay Jackson 615-292-9000

Blair Myers 615-760-5157

The Mayor, Vice Mayor, and Commissioner also sit on this commission.


Blair Myers finds more space to raise a family in Forest Hills

Planning Commission member Blair Myers and his wife Kelli moved to Forest Hills about 14 years ago for the same reasons as many new residents. They were ready to leave their quarter-­acre lot with neighbors 15 feet away in the busy Vanderbilt/West End area for the bigger yards and quieter neighborhoods found here.

“We had just had our first child, and we wanted a little more space to raise a family,” Myers said. “We moved to Stonehaven Drive and have lived in three different houses in Forest Hills. We’ve finally settled on Lynnwood Boulevard just south of Tyne.”


Board of Zoning Appeals

Board of Zoning Appeals

The Board of Zoning Appeals is appointed to make administrative decisions related to the zoning ordinance and to rule on requests for variances and special exceptions. Meetings


Janie Rowland 615-665-0642

Jim Littlejohn 615-371-0008 h
Vice Chair 615-385-4144 w

Mark R. Banks 615-447-4262


City’s open spaces helped get Jim Littlejohn involved

The weekend that Jim Littlejohn moved into Forest Hills is etched into his memory, but not just because he was moving into a new home. It was 1985—the year the Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl.

“I remember we had televisions turned on all over the house while we were moving in,” Jim says. “I grew up outside Chicago, so I had always followed the Bears.”

Littlejohn came to Nashville in 1972 to attend Vanderbilt University and stayed after graduating. His first job after college was with Gresham and Smith, which involved “commuting” between Nashville and Charleston, S.C., from 1980 to 1982. “I was here every month for meetings, so I never really felt like I left.”