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Forest Hills is documenting its history by gathering photographs, drawings, blueprints, plot plans, or other pertinent archival materials.

Please share your photographs, drawings, blueprints, sketches, or other documents that deal with the establishment of family farms, homes, land tracts, or cemeteries in the City.

The photos will be scanned for the archives and returned, or you may donate copies or original versions. If you can contribute or want to volunteer, call the City at 615-372-8677 for details.


Resident Janie Rowland shared this old photo of her dad taken in the 1920s at the family’s farm on Hillsboro Pike. The hills in the background are the site of Castlewood on the right and Bancroft on the left.


Janie Rowland's father stands beside the original house in the 1920s.


Rowland's grandfather poses in his cornfield, about 1930.


You can see the future site of Castlewood on the hills in the background of Janie Rowland's grandfather’s cow pasture.

Hillsboro Pike
Historic Hillsboro Pike

J.W. Rowland, grandfather of Forest Hills resident Janie Rowland, stands on the fence surrounding his property on Hillsboro Pike, as his live-in worker Driver Joslin looks on. Rowland and his wife Ada Winsett Rowland bought fifty acres in 1927 and built their home there. Janie’s father J.W. Rowland Jr. lived on the property from age 11 until his death at 94. She and her brother still own 30 of the original 50 acres, keeping it in the family for 85 years.

Otter Creek

A resident submitted this 1950 Tennessean Magazine cover featuring Otter Creek.