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Glimpses from the Past of the City of Forest Hills

McCrory Mayfield

The McCrory-Mayfield Home is the City's oldest.

Early Days

Forest Hills has been a desirable place to live for thousands of years. Inhabitants may have enjoyed hunting and camping in the forested hills as long as 12,000 years ago. The area remained popular through the Woodland period, and by the late Mississippian period the area was home to an established thriving village in the 1400s.

In the late 18th century, land grants brought the first settlers to the area. Soon the Natchez Trace connecting Nashville with points south ran through Forest Hills, and turnpikes in the mid-nineteenth century offered increased access to the region for new residents. More


Aaittafama' is the Site of a Prehistoric Village

Situated just across Old Hickory Boulevard from Forest Hills City Hall lies an incredible archeological find, the ruins of a Native American village dating from the mid-1400s.

Former Forest Hills Mayor Bill Coke helped lead a campaign to save the site, now called Aaitafama' Archaeological Park. Metro Nashville has purchased the 6.7-acre property, which will become a Metro park. It is the largest late-prehistoric town remaining in Davidson County, and one of the few intact towns of its era in the region. More

Residents Remember

Residents Remember

Forest Hills residents talk about their personal history with the Forest Hills area. Edith Bowen Bierman talks about life before the city was formed. Lattie Brown remembers her grandmother, Adelicia Acklen's grand-daughter. Bill Coble reminisces about growing up on Stanford Drive. Long-time employee Cynthia Despot talks about her time with the City. Jim Gardner tells of his family's long connection with Forest Hills and the bridges of Otter Creek. Mary Beth Gates tells about the time her house was almost famous. Nancy Mannon talks about buying the McCrory-Mayfield Home. Betty and Ed Thaxton remember the ten thousand daffodils that grew across from Percy Priest Elementary.

Historic Photos

Lend the City Historic Photos, Documents

Forest Hills is documenting its history by gathering photographs, drawings, blueprints, plot plans, or other pertinent archival materials.

Please share your photographs, drawings, blueprints, sketches, or other documents that deal with the establishment of family farms, homes, land tracts, or cemeteries in the City.

The photos will be scanned for the archives and returned, or you may donate copies or original versions. Call the City at 615-372-8677 for details. More

old church

From Forest Hills' Windows

Seven wall hangings created by Lynne Bachleda and Fletch Coke describe the colorful history of the Forest Hills area. The panels on display at City Hall examine the history of the City Hall site, Harpeth Presbyterian Church, Native American structures, and stories of the Scruggs family, who settled in the area. More